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At the very mouth of France's Loire River, just before it runs out to the Atlantic, the river cuts through a complex geological formation consisting of hard granite, gneiss, schist, and other volcanic rocks. Here, it turns into a maze of smaller rivers winding amongst the stones. Here, it hosts the vineyards of Muscadet.

Muscadet: what goes with oysters. What to drink on your first visit to a Paris bistro. France's largest appellation for white wines, often sadly ignored in the US.

We really should change that, especially when we receive wines like Delhommeau's Cuvee St Vincent.

Organic. From Sevre et Maine, the highest-quality and most famous sub-appellation in Muscadet. Produced from two estate-grown, old-vine parcels planted on pure unadulterated stone. Aged 'sur lie' or on its spent lees, to give it creaminess and complexity. Nonetheless, it is stony, racy, clean, and mineral-driven. Imagine the sea's faintly salty tang. Imagine sucking on stones. Imagine spring-bottled up for your drinking pleasure.

Now, about those oysters...

Online special available for pickup in-store after noon today. Special available until Sunday, February 18, or until we run out of wine. To purchase, just click on the Specials tab, above.

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Notes From All Over

Giacosa, Clerico, Arrivabene

I spend a lot of my work hours with bottles. Buying bottles, selling bottles, moving bottles, arranging bottles. Lots and lots of bottles. And as long as I am not counting the bottles, I'm ok with that. I love my bottles. But frequently, the people behind the best bottles are as fascinating as the liquid within. Prime example: Oscar Arrivabene, winemaker at Domenico Clerico. Passionate about his work, and steeped in the wines of Barolo, Oscar is like a walking mini-seminar in all things Piemontese, so I was delighted that he could stop by the store last week.

The Good Word
NYT Spelling Bee

Words matter. In any situation, you can use a 'meh' word, and it will communicate just that: meh. You can use a standard, ordinary word, and it will communicate that: ordinary. But if you use the right word, the perfect word, the word or combination of words calculated to make your exact point, you will communicate exactly what you wanted to say.

Not All Those Who Wander

"She learned to read quite early, and at an incredible rate."
-Sarah Stewart, The Library

The above quote describes Elizabeth Brown, the protagonist of children's classic The Library, but it could also easily apply to me, whose dad once remarked that it was a lucky thing toilet paper wasn't printed because, well...I'll leave the rest of that thought to your imagination. I cannot remember a time when I didn't possess a violent affection for the written word, ergo libraries and bookstores will forever be My Happy Place. I love them all- but I love some more than others.