This Week's Monday Madness Deal

How many vineyards are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site? Not many. But in Portugal's Douro River Valley, wine has been produced for over 2,000 years. And throughout that time, the grape farmers have molded the steep, forbidding slopes to their purposes, with extensive stone terraces snaking across hillsides. UNESCO recognized both the physical and cultural landscapes of the Douro by recognizing it as a World Heritage Center.

We're no strangers to Douro wines. Port, first and foremost, but also the dry reds fashioned from Touriga Nacional and its cousins, bold juicy reds that are also killer values. White? Douro Branco was new to me.

The Caves Santa Marta Branco is a blend of Cercial, Fernao Pires, and Malvasia Fina. A deep green-gold in color, the nose is floral and slightly spicy. The palate is all zesty fruit: green plum, apple, lemon curd, and fresh herbs. The finish is cool, crisp, and all you'd want with seafood or quick cocktail party apps. Delicious and easy, the way summer SHOULD be.

Online special available for pickup in-store after noon today. Special available until Sunday, July 22, or until we run out of wine. To purchase, just click on the Specials tab, above.

The Almanac

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Notes From All Over

No Farms, No Food
No Farms, No Food

A visit to the Farmer's Market in high summer is an exercise in flat-out hedonism. Mmm... fresh basil, that's smells amazing! The local tomatoes are starting to come in-I need some of those. Corn. I definitely need corn. Peaches! Do I have time to make peach cobbler? Or I could just bite into one right now....Blueberries! Can't forget those. Cucumbers. Snap peas. Fresh salad greens. Local cheese. I really should have brought more shopping bags.

The Outer Edge
Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

Every week, we order beer, put away beer, talk about beer, and sell beer, thus giving us a pretty decent overview of what's happening in the world of beer. Lots of what's happening is absolutely awesome: flavorful, bold, anything-but-boring brew. Some other things are just...weird.

Independence Day in Song
Flag and Fireworks

You cannot actually find everything on the Internet. I know this because for the last several days, I've been searching for a children's song that we had on an LP when I was 5 or 6. Part of an album celebrating American history, the song describes the process of the thirteen colonies voting to approve the Declaration of Independence. Since I can't find it anywhere, I'll take a stab at it from memory: