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Once upon a time, when a French prince destined to be Dauphin and then King was christened, his head would be anointed with a few drops of deep golden Jurancon wine, a wine so rich and viscous that it has been associated with royalty ever since. And while the Jurancon of those days was sweet and made from a blend of 3 grape varieties, imagine what could happen if you took the very best of those and made a rich but dry white. Casale del Giglio did....

Petit Manseng, the smaller-berried, more concentrated cousin of Gros Manseng, is left to hang on the vines until late autumn, when the tiny grapes are intensely aromatic and partially dried. Then it is given a long, slow, cold maceration and fermentation, and left on the lees for several months to gain complexity and weight.

The resulting wine is a deep golden color, bursting with peach, pear, and lychee flavors. It's spicy, it's stony and flinty, it's fruity but quite dry. It's everything you'd want on a summer evening. Pair with seafood. Or cheese. Or another bottle..

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Redefining Success (aka F*** this S***)
Wine Horizon

Recently, I attended an absolutely killer wine tasting: near Boston Harbor, on a blue-sky day when the views seemed infinite and the sun warmed limbs and temperaments chilled by an extended 'spring'. Attendance was light; there were no hordes of young sommeliers seeking the hottest new trend. It was mostly a few old friends who have been in the wine business for decades. The wines, from a small California winery, were delicious, but since that was a previously acknowledged fact, nobody was making much of an effort to 'sell' them.

Welcome to the Land of the Misfit Toys
Welcome to the Land of the Misfit Toys

It was the best of wines; it was the worst of times. The Brunello was amazing; the deliveries were always late. The Syrah was stunning; it never came with an actual physical invoice. The Riesling was transcendent; I ordered two cases, but received one case, 5 six more bottles of a completely different vintage.

Happiness Here
Happiness Here

A June visit to CVS is rife with 'Happy Father's Day'. Cards, sure, but also mugs, plaques, T-shirts, keychains. Signs everywhere. It's become a cottage industry. But really-what's the perfect present for all the Dads we know and love? What would make Dad 'Happy', on Father's Day or any other day?