This Week's Magic Monday Deal

Let's get this out of the way: don't expect to keep getting these killer deals on Pinot. Pinot Noir is a capricious and finicky grape, and finding a really good inexpensive Pinot Noir is a tall order. I am not magical.

But....this week, you are in luck. Once again, we've found the Holy Grail: excellent Pinot that doesn't break the bank.

The Maray estate is in Chile's Limari Valley, farther to the north (and thus nearer the equator) than familiar regions like Maipo, Aconcauga, or Maule. Daytime is very, very warm. But thanks to a gap in the coastal hills, nights cool off, allowing the grapes to retain their acidity and elegance. Close your eyes, take a sip, and you can practically smell the sea spray. This is prime Pinot Noir country.

The Maray Pinot Noir is bursting at the seams with red and black cherries, strawberries, and spice. Grace notes of mineral and a gloss of warm vanilla-scented oak complete the picture-lithe, pretty, silky-smooth, and seductive.

Good Cheap Pinot- as rare as polite Massachusetts drivers..

Sale is online only, through Sunday, October 30, or when product runs out. Pickup is in-store at your convenience. Just click on the Specials tab above to find your savings.

The Almanac

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Notes From All Over

VOTE (for Wine)
Vote for Wine

Admit it. You're tired of almost everything about this election. No matter what your political leanings, it has gone on too long, been too mean-spirited, too downright weird. And while there are still a couple weeks before we trundle off to the polls, we're all pretty much DONE with talking about it. So don't (talk about it-you should still go to the polls). Instead, vote-for wine.

Welcome to our new idea for simultaneously distracting you from the upcoming election while also enlivening Sundays featuring afternoon Patriots games: VOTE (for Wine).

Just the Grapes
Just the Grapes...

You just got home. You kick off your shoes, poke your head in the fridge to start planning dinner, maybe pour yourself a nice glass of wine. know, fermented grape juice.

Or is it? A 2013 study cited in Decanter magazine found that over 90% of samples from 300 French wines showed traces of pesticide residue. And if you are drinking a large commercial brand, you are probably also drinking several of the more than 200 chemicals and additives that our government has deemed 'safe'.

Days of Wine and Rosé
Wine and roses

Do you feel that nip in the air? Summer is not only gone, it's -gulp-GONE.
We've traded in beach days for tailgates, lazy summer evenings for sports practice, rehearsals, and homework help. Sundown comes earlier than we'd like. Sunrise, later. Evenings require a sweater.

This is the season of transitions. This year, I feel it especially keenly because I no longer have a child at home to tote to school and rehearsals; our daughter started her freshman year of college-in LA.