This Week's Magic Monday Deal

Bubbly. Does anything ever taste BETTER? With sushi, with cheese and crackers. with a warm evening on the back porch.....really, with anything.

Cheneau's demi-sec is delicious. This very traditional blend of Paralleda, Xarel-lo, and Maccabeo results in a distinctly non-traditional wine: full, rich, and overflowing with stone fruits, Golden Delicious apples, wild herbs and candied almonds.

Cheneau is tailor-made for late summer evenings, for Sunday brunch with friends, for any occasion when the wine should be serious, cold, and seriously silly,

Pair it with assertive cheeses, with spicy Asian cuisine, with smoked salmon or other smoked fish dishes.

Break out the cheese, especially anything pungent or bleue. Then chill this* down, and prepare to be wowed.

Do order this now. Do NOT wait; we didn't get that much.

Online special available for pickup in-store after noon today. Special available until August 27 or until we run out of wine. To purchase, just click on the Specials tab, above.

The Almanac

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Notes From All Over

Seize the Day(s)
Fading Summer

Today's gorgeous sunshine notwithstanding, summer is on the wane. The sun's setting earlier; a few evenings have been cool enough to suggest a jacket. And families everywhere are staring down the firm deadline of back-to-school, none more so than those with college freshmen.

If you've dropped your child off at college, and returned to an empty car and an emptier house, you know what I mean. It's a little melancholy and a lot just plain odd to have so much quiet. Usually, I equate quiet with peace, but this was TOO quiet; it was unsettling.

Rhinestone Cowboy

Glen Campbell's country-pop hybrid music featured in the soundtrack of my youth, so hearing 'Rhinestone Cowboy' on the radio after his death last week left me feeling both nostalgic and a little melancholy. I also remembered that he definitely was NOT Hispanic.

The Massachusetts Farm Bureau (Did You Know We Had One?)
Keep Your Farmers Closer

Quick: I say 'Farm Bureau', and you think of...what? Iowa? Some state with rolling corn fields, big grain silos, and lots of red barns? At any rate, probably not Massachusetts. Right?