This Week's Monday Magic

All next week, customers will ask, 'What wine goes with turkey?' Psst: It's not about the turkey. It's the side dishes-loaded with spice, fat, sugar, salt, or all of the above-that make Thanksgiving a wine challenge.

Riesling to the rescue! Complex fruit, plenty of acid, and no oak add up to the perfect wine to handle anything from stuffing to sweet potato casserole. And no, all Riesling is not sticky sweet.

Claar Cellars was born in 1983 when Bob and Crista Whitelatch retired from the Navy. Returning to her parents' farm by Washington's Columbia River, they expanded the original (1950) vineyard plantings. Eventually, they built a winery and named it for Crista's parents.

Claar Cellars is an estate winery; every wine is from grapes they've grown on their own property, on sunny south- and southwest-facing slopes high above the river. They practice sustainable viticulture and are certified LIVE and SalmonSafe.

Crista's Riesling is gorgeous. A deep golden yellow color, brimming with apple, pear, and kiwi fruit, it has accents of chamomile and jasmine. Its zesty finish, with the merest touch of residual sugar, is exactly what you'll want on your Thanksgiving table. So don't be a turkey, just eat some. With a glass or two of this.

Online special available for pickup in-store after noon today. Special available until Sunday, November 18, or until we run out of wine. To purchase, just click on the Specials tab, above.

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When I'm in the mood for a really killer workout, I head toward Soulcycle. It's not convenient. The nearest one is in Dedham. The music is ridiculously loud, and I only recognize about 30% of it. But it IS efficient- in only 45 minutes, that class can make every muscle fiber in your body ache. And then there's Ryan.


Voting: Is it a right or a privilege? The architects of our Constitution appear to have considered it a right, and an important one- the right to vote is mentioned more frequently than any other, even the right to free speech or a free press.

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If you've shopped at Pour Richard's, you know that Cassie and I are both *persistent* about certain things. Please don't call us 'bossy'. We prefer 'extremely passionate about certain beverages which we believe everyone should try.'