This Week's Magic Monday Deal

With apologies to Shakespeare: A rose by any other name improves your grilling game? This one definitely does. A big favorite at our last Pennywise Sale, so we bought a little extra to offer to those who missed out.

Corbieres, situated between Narbonne and Carcassone, has been a wine-making center since the Greeks and Romans, and many of the walled vineyards were, in fact, constructed by slave labor during the late Roman empire. The vineyards of L’Enclos des Roses are planted to century-plus old vines of Carignane, plus bush-trained Syrah and Grenache that are nearly as ancient. The wine is bold and rich, with black cherry, dried plum, Asian spices, and what the French call ‘garrigue’: the wild herbs of the south on a hot, windy summer day. Try it with anything off the grill, or some perfectly ripe cheese.

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The Almanac

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Notes From All Over

Glass of Wine

Pick up your glass of wine. Gaze into the depths. What's in there? Depending on the wine, the answer could very well be 'acacia gum, alumino-silicates, acetaldehyde, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, potassium salt of casein, isinglass, a commercial strain of yeast, Velcorin, and Mega Purple*'. Plus maybe some grapes. Welcome to the world of 'controlled winemaking'.

The Nose Knows
Snowman Cartoon

Have you ever caught just the breath of a scent and been transported instantly through space and time? A whiff of must and old dust, and I’m in the upstairs ‘storeroom’ of my parents’ farmhouse, a house that was built by my great-grandfather Egbert Compaan when he homesteaded the property. Anise? I’m eating strong Dutch licorice with my Dad, or chewing the Black Jack gum he would send me even after I moved to New England. Warm berries equal the jam-making and canning of high summer on the prairie, hot and sweaty work made more pleasant by unlimited ‘tastes’. And wine?

George and Mount Etna

My job has two sides-product and people-and each side is interesting and ever-changing. I've met more than a few wines that have made an indelible impression on my soul, but the people have been even more significant.