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Bordeaux is certainly one of the most storied wines of history. Many vineyards have been producing since the 8th century. Napoleon ordered them classified in 1855. Ben Franklin favored Bordeaux, as did Thomas Jefferson. But lately, the region has been portrayed as old-fashioned, stodgy, and hopelessly overpriced.

Unfair. Sure, the first-growths and some of their close cousins demand crazy money, but Jefferson, Franklin, Napoleon, etc, can't ALL be wrong.

For example: Chateau Belgrave. Situated right next door to Chateaux Lagrange and Beychevelle, it is spitting distance to St Julien but sits just across the border and must be called a Haut Medoc. (We like this accident-makes it cost less!)

A blend of largely Cabernet and Merlot, with small additions of Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot, Belgrave is looked after by Dourthe and Michel Rolland. Both know a thing or three about quality Bordeaux.

The 2009 is a beauty, a fleshy, velvet-textured, seductive red, with aromas and flavors of spicy red and black cherries. Minerals harmonize in the background; smoke plays counterpoint. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. It begs for a crisp fall evening, a warm fire, a great steak, and a nod to history.

This is what you want to drink with Christmas dinner, what you want in your Christmas stocking, what you want, period. And if you open the bottle and decide NOT to share, your secret is safe with us.

Sale is online only, through Sunday, December 11, or when product runs out. Pickup is in-store at your convenience. Just click on the Specials tab above to find your savings.

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Turning Point

Friends, I will remember you, think of you, pray for you. And when another day is through, I'll still be friends with you.
-John Denver

Going to the Dogs...Saturday, December 3 2-5 PM
Crazy Dog

We think everyone should drink more bubbly (and bodacious holiday-worthy reds, killer Scotch and Bourbon, great eggnog...). We think everyone should experience the hot dog Nirvana that is Snappy Dogs. And we definitely believe that all real dogs deserve a home of their own, with people who love and care for them.

Ergo, Bubbles & Bark, our year-end bash to benefit Forever Home Rescue New England. Your $10 ticket -a 100% donation to FHR- includes:

Laying Down the Rules
Coffee and Wine

Ah, Thanksgiving: the holiday devoted to stuffing a turkey then stuffing yourself and all your family members. The Pilgrims and Native Americans are mixed up in it somehow, too. Plus football, of course. And a parade.

I have 2 Simple Rules for Thanksgiving Guests