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Robert Brittan began his winemaking career in his Oregon University dorm room. Originally a philosophy major, the self-described ‘geeky and broke’ student discovered that his new hobby made him MUCH more attractive to the opposite sex. Soon, he moved to California’s UC Davis, where he changed his major to oenology. He started his career at Far Niente, and a few jobs later became the winemaker at Napa Valley’s Stag’s Leap Winery, a position he held for 16 years.

But then the ‘bug’ got the better of him: the Pinot Noir Bug.

Pinot Noir is the Holy Grail of winemaking. Ask any CA winemaker worth his or her salt, and they’ll tell you they dream of making amazing Pinot. For most of them, it remains just that-a dream. But Robert Brittan, fulfilling a lifelong desire to make cool climate Pinot Noir, pulled up stakes and moved to Oregon, where he’s making single-block Pinot Noirs of heart-stopping loveliness.

Gestalt Block faces due southwest, concentrating the afternoon sun. The soil is broken, decomposed chunks of volcanic basalt, poor in nutrients but rich in minerals. In other words, tiny yields, but great concentration and complexity.

It’s exuberantly scented, richly textured, and complex, with aromas and flavors of black cherry, black plum, cardamom, cinnamon, and orange zest. Sophisticated, elegant, and satin-smooth, and with a finish that goes on. And on. Nuanced, tantalizing. A wine to contemplate. A wine that practically does pirouettes across your palate.

We featured the 2015 at our Volcanic Wines event. Customers barely blinked at the $65 price, because-yes!- it is THAT good. So imagine our delight when we were offered the 2013 at a discount! I have no idea* why, but: Yes, please. Send that all to me, thanks!

This is the ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Pinot. Proceed accordingly.

* Ok, I have some idea. Two distributors trying to fit into one warehouse. So fun! (for us).

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