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From 1980-2007, importer Dan Kravitz sold OPW (other people’s wine). In ’07 he took the plunge and bought 13.5 acres of Grenache vineyards in Roussillon, the French part of Catalonia. The vineyard is 20 miles inland from the Mediterranean and 20 miles north of Spain. Ten acres were 20 years old, the rest 60 (so: now 34 and 74.) The name “Cabirau” has been on local maps for well over 100 years, known for exceptional quality grapes and wines. The vines were planted on steep slopes of schist, a dark sharp rock that gives a distinctive mineral character to Grenache, very different from the earthiness of Grenache planted on the smooth river stones of Cotes du Rhone. Cabirau has always made 2 cuvees: the basic Roussillon, and also tiny quantities of this wine, a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan from those prized old vines. But going forward, Dan has decided to blend the two, to increase overall quality.

The softness of Grenache is balanced by the mineral backbone extracted from the schist soils. The Syrah and Carignan add backbone and pronounced spicy and peppery components. Intense yet subtle…Complex. Tantalizing. And the end of an era-don’t miss it!

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