Otaviano Penedo Borges Malbec Expresion Parcela

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Malbec: it’s SO popular, and the corollary to that popularity is an ocean of very ‘meh’ quality wine. So while it may sometimes seem that we are anti-Malbec, in fact we are merely anti-meh.

This wine is NOT ‘meh’.

High in the foothills of the Andes, in Luj├ín de Cuyo, the Penedo Borges Estate creates wines like they are polishing individual jewels. Organic farming. High density planting. Crop thinning. Hand harvesting. Miinimal intervention in the cellar, no fining or filtration. Aging in new oak. The result is this dark violet beauty. Intense nose. Bold flavors of cherry and plum, with grace notes of mocha and mint. Grill a steak, pull the cork, and ahhh….That’s what Malbec tastes like when it grows up.

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Lujan de Cuyo

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32 in stock