Gia Langhe Rosso Duo

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The Piemonte (literally, ‘foot of the mountains’) in NW Italy, is perhaps best known for Barolo and Barbaresco: powerful, ageworthy, and expensive reds made from the Nebbiolo grape. Even in their home regions, these wines are not what you find on the table every night. For those purposes, other local grapes stand in: Barbera, Dolcetto, etc. But for me, the best ‘everyday’ red is a blend of these varieties, combining the freshness of dolcetto, finesse and charm of modern Barbera, and the gravitas of Nebbiolo.

This oversized (1 Litre) bottle is a fresh, delightful blend of native Piemontese grapes. Flavors of black plum, strawberry, and herbs, plus ripe tannins and a smooth finish make this the perfect pairing for pasta or a charcuterie plate.

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Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto



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