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If you haven’t heard of Txacoli wines, you’re not alone. But you are missing out, because this unfamiliar wine from in the jaw-cracking Basque language is a delicious companion to fish and shellfish. And all you have to do is drink it-we won’t quiz you on the pronunciation.

Txakoli, the wine of Pais Vasco (Basque Country) in northern Spain, is just like the region’s language, culture, and food – completely independent of the world around it. Txakoli is made primarily from indigenous grapes Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza, that literally grow nowhere else in the world. Txakoli are wines of the sea – saline, with bracing acid and refreshing, clean mouthfeel. The few Txacoli wines that make it to the US are generally the Getaria style: simple, effervescent, light, and refreshing. Berroia is the other style.

Estate-bottled by Bodegas Berroja in the Txakolina Bizkaiko DO, where the wines are made in a still fashion, with more power and ageability, it is elegant, savory and saline. Showing aromas and flavors of stone fruits and citrus , with a touch of honeycomb and fresh herbs, this dry and powerful Txacoli can take on the most challenging pairings: asparagus, artichokes. Or treat it like a Muscadet and drink with mussels, clams, or other briny seafood dishes.

And remember: no quiz.

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Hondurrabi Zurri, Riesling, Folle Blanche


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