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The story of Villa Russiz begins in 1868, with the marriage of Elvine Ritter von Zahony, native of Vienna, to Théodor Karl Leopold Anton de La Tour en Voivrè, himself a count from an ancient French noble family. The count brought to the region the finest clones he could find from his native country, selecting classic varietals most suitable for Collio’s unique terroir. His vineyards were the first in the region to be planted with authentic French rootstock — Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernets, Pinot Noir and Riesling. The count was a brilliant agriculturalist in advance of his times and grafted European vines onto American rootstock to counteract certain vine diseases, such as phylloxera, that were then destroying European vineyards.

While the count was breaking new ground with his vineyards and winemaking, his wife, Countess Elvine de La Tour, was equally tireless in her philanthropic endeavors: the care of orphaned and homeless young girls. The work she initiated was carried on in the 20th century, and after World War I the estate was donated to the Italian state to be maintained as a non-profit organization, Foundation Villa Russiz. A home on the estate grounds for disadvantaged and orphaned children is funded by the sale of the estate’s wines. Les Enfants IGT is a wine produced as a testament to their commitment to the children of Italy.

Les Enfants is composed of 20-25 year old vines of several typical white grapes of the Collio region, from hillside vineyards. Minimal intervention winemaking, and no oak used-they don’t want to mar the lovely aromas and flavors of this beauty.

The result tastes like a Golden Delicious apple got together with some honeysuckle and produced an especially attractive love child. Velvety, complex. Dry, fresh, and beautifully balanced.

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Pinot Grigio/Pinot Bianco/Ribolla Gialla/Sauvignon Blanc

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