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In an increasingly industrialized world, Franciacorta producer Mirabella doesn’t just talk about sustainability; they eschew chemicals in the vineyard and the winery, age wines in naturally-cooled deep underground cellars, use renewable energy sources, and sustainably-produced corks. And they refuse to add sulfites to their lovely wines. They also use only the ripest fruits, with a long cool fermentation and a full 36 months’ aging on the lees before the wine is bottled with a very low ‘dosage’ aka topping up with sugar. In short, Mirabella goes above and beyond at every turn. Franciacorta, a land of gentle rolling hills, limestone-rich soil, and lake-effect climate moderation, might be purpose-made for sparkling wine production. Warm days for ripeness, cool nights for retaining that all-important acid. Saten is 100% Chardonnay, tasting of buttery toasted brioche, exotic fruits, apple blossom, honey, vanilla, and citrus zest. It’s bottled at slightly lower pressure than usual, so it flows like satin (saten). It’s a perfect blend of voluptuous fruit flavors and more tangy, nervy notes. Actually, it’s just perfect, period.

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