2017 Brick & Mortar Rouge 4 Pack Cans

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Brick & Mortar is one of our favorite producers. They make delicious wines, yes. But lots of people do that. Brick & Mortar also constantly pushes the envelope on wine styles and packaging. For example: these cans.

Inspired by the California wine country lifestyle, where hikes, picnics at the beach, and outdoor concerts are just not complete without wine, Brick & Mortar introduced these cans, perfect to share with someone special (each can is about 2 glasses of wine) or not, as you see fit!

Plum, bright cherry, blackberry, and herbs make this the perfect BBQ partner. The format makes it perfect for packing. See you at beach!

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4x 375 ml

Region / State

Napa and Sonoma Coast




Cabernet Franc/Pinot Noir/Syrah


  • Cabernet Franc
  • California
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