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Ordinary. Do you think of yourself as ordinary? We don’t, and we certainly don’t think our fabulous customers are ordinary. So obviously, you wouldn’t want to DRINK ordinary. We have deep roots in the beverage business, decades spent searching out the new, the interesting, and -above all- the delicious. Now we’re putting all that expertise to use for YOU, bringing you our own well-edited selection of wines, craft beer, ciders, and spirits

Small Producers, independent labels, new regions or products- we find them all, and we find them at great prices. The result? You’ll drink like an industry insider, while we do all the work. (Psst: it’s hardly work. We Love our jobs.)


Ann Williams

Ann grew up on a small family farm in North Dakota, where she learned the value of hard work. Educated at the Dana Hall School and Brown University, she acquired written and verbal communications skills and an insatiable curiosity about other places and cultures. After almost three decades in the beverage business, she believes that wine is endlessly fascinating, but that it should also be fun.


14 Grove St, Franklin, MA 02038


(508) 520-9163


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