Monte das Servas Escolha Branco 3Pack
750 ml
Three Pack
Herdade das Servas is in Alentejo, in south-central Portugal, a land of rolling hills, warm sunny summers, and bitterly cold, wet winters. The wines range from easy sock-em-down cocktail substitutes to top-quality single vineyard offerings. The Monte das Servas falls somewhere in the middle. Higher-altitude vineyards in the north of the region, older vines, and a blend of Roupeiro, Verdelho, Semillon, and local star Antao Vaz yield a wine with an exuberant nose and gorgeous peachy, mango-y flavors. Citrus kicks in on the mid-palate, with a cool, zesty blast of mineral on the finish. And while it's nice at $12, seriously, $7? Yes, please!
Monte das Servas Escolha Branco
Primary Grape
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