3-Pack Thanksgiving Zins
750 ml
Three Pack
Thanksgiving. For this most American of holidays, you really SHOULD have an American wine. And nothing is more American than a big, bold, luscious red Zin. Unless, of course, it's 3 big, bold, luscious red Zins. Sound like your glass of wine? Read on... Start the day off with Sloth, Michael David Winery's Sloth, a brambly-rich stunner from Mendocino that will complement your apps, impress your neighbors, and (maybe) anesthetize any overly boisterous relatives. With the main course, move on to Alexander Valley Vineyards' Sin Zin. It would be a real sin not to enjoy this black raspberry and spice-laden beauty with your turkey and trimmings. Dessert? Break out the Mac-Daddy of Zins, Martinelli's Vellutini Ranch. Black cherry, blackberry, cinnamon, mocha, vanilla...this bottle literally has it all! Serve it up with cheese or chocolate (or even on its own) for a finale worthy of the day. And then, a nap. The dishes can wait.
Zin 3 Pack
Primary Grape
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