Chateau Burgozone Pinot Noir 2 Pack
750 ml
Danube Plain
Here's a paradox: If a true red Burgundy costs X, how much should you pay for something that tastes like red Burgundy....but isn't? Should it be half of X? A third of X? How do you value a few words on the label? If you love Pinot Noir, you already know that it is absolutely positively the most difficult grape to get 'right' on a budget. And that's for versions from California or Oregon. If your true love is the graceful Pinots of Burgundy, prepare to pay up. Unless you are lucky enough to drink some of today's special, Chateau Burgozone. Burgozone is not a Burgundy, but it tastes like one. The nose is delicate and bright, the palate silky-smooth, with scents and flavors of raspberry, red and black cherry, strawberry, and earthy mineral notes. Hints of milk chocolate, cinnamon, and herbs. Long, clean, pretty finish. How on earth is this so cheap? We have no idea, but we like it!
Chateau Burgozone
Primary Grape
Pinot Noir
$28.00 $50.00