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Please note that we are providing tastings. We will not pour full glasses of any product, and we reserve the right to discontinue serving guests who repeatedly request larger servings.

How do your fundraisers work?

We offer non-profit groups the ability to use our space for a wine and beer tasting fundraiser. You sell tickets, keeping 100% of those proceeds. We pour samples of wine and craft beer, at no charge to you. We donate 20% of profits (usually, this is about 5% of total sales) made during your event.

Is a Pour Richard’s fundraiser right for my group?

If your group is a not-for-profit entity and your members enjoy wine, beer, and spirits, probably yes. If they do not usually consume alcohol or have little to no free time on evenings or weekends, this opportunity might not be right for you.

What days do you offer fundraisers?

What times are the fundraisers?

6-8 or 6:30-8:30 PM on W or Th. Sunday 1-4 PM

Are you open for regular business during the fundraiser?

Yes. Not all, but many of our regular customers will actually give you a donation or purchase raffle tickets. And their purchases count toward sales during your event.

What do you provide?

Beverage samples, staff, space, tables to take tickets/display raffle items and/or info. We have 4 6’ tables available.

What do I (the non-profit group) need to bring?

People. People to take tickets and explain your organization, but also people to attend the event. Tablecloths if you are using tables.

What about food?

Food is a good idea, but we advise keeping it simple. Cheese and crackers. Fruit. Other finger foods. Napkins are a good touch.

Can we do raffles?

Yes, you are welcome to bring raffle items and/or hold a 50/50 raffle. You keep 100% of those proceeds.

What time should we be there to set up?

Unless you are bringing a huge amount of raffle items, 30 minutes should be fine.

Can we add a performance aspect?

Yes, this can add value to an event, and performers can sometimes be accommodated with prior approval; we need to plan for space and traffic flow. They must all be at least 21 years of age.

How do we book our fundraiser?

Check the events calendar on our website at pourrichardswine.com Select some possible dates, and contact us at info@pourrichardswine.com

Any tips on making our fundraiser a success?

Promotion. Making a Facebook event is not enough. You have to reach out to your group and let them know you want them to support your event. Our most successful groups reach out to friends, neighbors, etc, letting them know this is a great opportunity to stock up on tasty wine and beer while also benefiting your group. And most important of all: sell tickets in advance. If people buy a ticket, they are far more likely to actually attend. This is the single biggest difference between groups who hold really successful fundraisers and those who don’t.

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