A Tuscan Love Story


Once upon a time, a beautiful young German girl, Bettina, met a handsome young man named Wolf. In Berlin, they fell in love. They watched a young and popular American president give an inspired speech, 'Ich bin ein Berliner.' A few months later, JFK was assasinated, and their young love mingled with the world's sorrow over this loss. An aspiring writer, Wolf desired to create something of lasting beauty to offset the world's darker impulses.

Almost two decades and a successful advertising career later, we find Bettina and Wolf in Tuscany. They are staring at a lovely piece of land. It is for sale. They want it. They buy it, and name the estate 'Carnesciale'. Then, through a network of friends, aquaintances, and pure happenstance, they meet a remarkable man and an even more remarkable grape: Caberlot.

Remigio Bordini, a famed agronomist, discovered Caberlot, thought to be a natural crossing of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, in an abandoned and overgrown vineyard outside of Padua. It was planted nowhere except his vine nursery. It had, to his knowledge, not been made into wine in anyone's memory. Without even seeing a Caberlot grape, let alone tasting one, Bettina and Wolf decide: they will plant their land to this enigmatic vine. The wine will be their creation of lasting beauty.

Dr Bordini agreed to cultivate enough vines for the couple to plant, the young vines slowly matured, and the resulting wine was everything they had hoped for: complex, lithe, powerful, graceful.

Sadly, Wolf died of a heart attack just after bottling their 1994 vintage. Bettina buried his ashes overlooking the vineyard and carried on, no doubt taking some comfort in knowing she had achieved their vision; Carnasciale's wines are indeed an example of lasting beauty.

Great beauties are often rare. But we (and you!) are fortunate in our friends. This Saturday, Italian Wine Traders is opening the vault and bringing a selection of rare Tuscan treasures to Pour Richard's. Carnesciale. Carlo Ferrini's Giodo Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino. Argentiera's award-winning Bolgheri Rosso and Villa Donoratico. Certosa di Belriguardo's InnNo and Rosso di Clausura. Thanks to our friends at IWT, you'll taste wines you would usually not even have a chance to purchase. As always, they arrive with the proper Italian accompaniment: delicious snacks from Waltham's La Campania. Please help us celebrate this bounty and beauty. Corks are pulled at 2:30; we'll keep pouring until 5:30 or until the wine runs out.