Holiday Stress

Happy Holidays! Relax and enjoy this magical time of year! That is, relax and enjoy this magical time of year, as soon as you have baked 9 dozen cookies, shopped for, wrapped, and possibly shipped countless 'perfect' presents, written a thoughtful note in a teetering tower of holiday cards, cleaned and decorated the house, trimmed the tree, planned a delicious multi-course holiday meal, and...the list goes on.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you are NOT alone. Numerous studies show that Americans-and especially women-feel considerably more stress just before the winter holidays. Why especially women? Because women who work outside the home already put in more time on household tasks than men. Although we've made a lot of progress in the last century, married working women spend, on average, 6 more hours per week on childcare activities and 8 more hours per week on household chores than their partners. Add on Christmas, and it can feel like the the last straw.

So give yourself a break. Sure, everyone loves your homemade truffles. But if you didn't get to them this year, tragedy would not ensue. And you might be happier and more relaxed, which would in turn be great for your family. Keep the things that are of vital importance; let the other stuff go. There is a LOT of other stuff.

If some of that other stuff is beverage-related, we're happy to assist, whether you need wine pairings for your holiday meal, a signature cocktail recipe, or some killer gift suggestions. Remember, this is supposed to be fun. Let us help you de-stress Stressmas.