Seize the Day(s)

Fading Summer

Today's gorgeous sunshine notwithstanding, summer is on the wane. The sun's setting earlier; a few evenings have been cool enough to suggest a jacket. And families everywhere are staring down the firm deadline of back-to-school, none more so than those with college freshmen.

If you've dropped your child off at college, and returned to an empty car and an emptier house, you know what I mean. It's a little melancholy and a lot just plain odd to have so much quiet. Usually, I equate quiet with peace, but this was TOO quiet; it was unsettling.

I'm experiencing that quiet all over again this week, after driving my daughter to the airport to begin her sophomore year. And while we were all more experienced and so less anxious this time around, we were no less sad to see her go. In fact, we spent the last few weeks seizing every opportunity to spend time with her before she left. Yoga class here, gym time there. Family dinner here, an old movie there. Because the end was approaching, and we didn't want it to.

I feel the same way about summer. When September approaches and evenings fall faster, I want more of summer's glory, not less. More lazy days at the beach. More outdoor meals. More perfectly ripe Farmer's Market vegetables. More nights at the drive-in. More crisp Sancerre on the porch at sunset. Because all those things are running low, and I don't want them to.

As summer races to its close, I hope you take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the charm and glory of these days. Seize the warmth, seize the flavor. Seize the day.