The Massachusetts Farm Bureau (Did You Know We Had One?)

Keep Your Farmers Closer

Quick: I say 'Farm Bureau', and you think of...what? Iowa? Some state with rolling corn fields, big grain silos, and lots of red barns? At any rate, probably not Massachusetts. Right?

In fact, Massachusetts has a thriving Farm Bureau, active in eleven of our 14 counties. The MA Farm Bureau advocates for farmers, helps to provide crop insurance to its members, educates, promotes, and supports the agricultural community. That support and advocacy is badly needed. Farming is a hard, hard occupation, combining near-endless amounts of backbreaking labor, long hours, and high risk with relatively small financial rewards. In short, if you want to tread the easy road, do not become a farmer.

But as a consumer, you can make that road easier by making a small effort to thank our local farmers. You can do this by shopping at the Farmer's Market (Fridays on the Franklin Common, 12-6PM). You can do this by purchasing directly from our local farms. And on August 20th, you can do this by stopping by Pour Richard's for some delicious food and drink.

On Sunday, August 20, we're holding a Harvest Festival, in cooperation with the Norfolk County Farm Bureau, several FB members (Psst:Wormtown.Craft Roots.), and some of our fave vendors. We'll have craft cocktails prepared by the one and only Corey Bunnewith, incorporating local produce. We'll have snacks prepared with local produce, meat, and cheese. We'll have farmers you can meet, info about all the great FB programs, and maps of all the farms you'll definitely want to visit. Above all, we will have fun...and raise some dollars while we're raising the roof.

Tickets, $10, are a 100% donation to the Farm Bureau, earmarked for their scholarship fund. Pour Richard's will also donate a percentage of sales.

Keep your farmers closer. You-and your taste buds-will be glad you did.