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Do you love trying new beers, but are not sure what styles to choose or don’t want to miss out on limited beers? Join our Beer Club!

On the 15th of every month you pick up a curated mix 6pk with tasting notes! We have two options available the Hop Heads 6pk which includes 2 IPAs, 2 DIPAs, and 2 mystery hoppy beers for $25.30! The Mix 6pk has 2 IPAs, 2 seasonal beers, and 2 mystery beers for $22.30!

As part of the club, you are also welcome to join us for a limited tasting from 5-7pm on the 15th of every month. These are beers that back vintages, not available in the state, or are not distributed outside of the breweries.

June 2020 Beer Club

Since most restaurants are still closed or operating at reduced capacity, there’s a lot of AMAZING beer available to stores.

May 2020 Beer Club

We have found 12 truly amazing beers for you this month. Please enjoy them, hopefully with some sunshine and warmth.

April 2020 Beer Club

This month I’ll be sharing beers that family has brought me to share!

March 2020 Beer Club

A few classics and a few twists on the classics!

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