This Week’s Monday Madness

Once upon a time, we found a wine that was SO bubbly, SO full of berry goodness, SO delicious, SO basically fun-in-a-bottle that we (and you) could never get enough of it. It sold out, again and again. No matter how much we bought, it vaporized. Then-the horror!-the winemaker stopped making our beloved Têtes à Claques, and it took us more than a year to find a replacement.

It took awhile, and we tasted some truly terrible wines, but then we found something AWESOME! Têtes à who? Try La Vie en Rose, French for ‘looking at life through rose-colored glasses’, and that is JUST what you’ll be doing when you pour some of this delicious rosé into your glass.

100% Grolleau Noir, La Vie en Rose is a little bit bubbly, a little (and we mean a little-it’s not a sugar bomb) bit sweet, and a whole lot of delicious strawberry, raspberry, and rhubarb- laced awesomeness.

This wine is designed to be drunk sitting on your back porch and basking in the sunshine. It is SO good. Unfortunately, it isn’t unlimited. This is our first of 4 shipments, but when it’s gone. it’s gone. And we only run the case special once each year. Proceed accordingly-you can make all your Zoom cocktail party friends jealous!

Online special available for in-store pickup after 12 PM today. Available until Sunday, April 5, or until product runs out.


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The idea that became Pour Richard’s was born of many late nights drinking wine with old friends. At least half of every couple worked in wine sales. Sooner or later, after a couple of great bottles, we’d start talking about how we never got to sell our favorite wines. Many of the best bottles in our respective warehouses never saw the light of day because we were all way too busy fulfilling our quotas on the big national brands. Small family vineyards, fun new regions? Those mostly sat there until we closed them out. “Wouldn’t it be great”, we all said, “if we could sell the things we drink?” So, that’s exactly what we’re doing! At Pour Richard’s, you’ll drink like an industry insider – a well-edited selection of wine, beer, and spirits, all at great values.

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