Notes From All Over


When I'm in the mood for a really killer workout, I head toward Soulcycle. It's not convenient. The nearest one is in Dedham. The music is ridiculously loud, and I only recognize about 30% of it. But it IS efficient- in only 45 minutes, that class can make every muscle fiber in your body ache. And then there's Ryan.


Voting: Is it a right or a privilege? The architects of our Constitution appear to have considered it a right, and an important one- the right to vote is mentioned more frequently than any other, even the right to free speech or a free press.

Just Add Oxygen
Valdespino Sherry

If you've shopped at Pour Richard's, you know that Cassie and I are both *persistent* about certain things. Please don't call us 'bossy'. We prefer 'extremely passionate about certain beverages which we believe everyone should try.'

Italy, Prima e Ultima*

I did not approach Italian wine slowly. I jumped in with both feet. You might say I was thrown in.

My first day on the job with an Italian importer, I was assigned to pour at a major New York trade tasting. Somehow, I got the table with the big 'scores', so I was knee-deep in people. And since I was brand-new to the portfolio, I spent all day peeking at my cheat sheets. 'Um, this is Aglianico and Piedirosso. That one is, uh..Coda di Volpe.' Not my finest hour.

Bub & the Bubble
Bub's Beer

One summer day several years ago, I found a package on my steps. Inside was a large antique beer bottle, handsomely framed. From the Peter Bub Brewing Company in Winona, Minnesota, this particular bottle was called 'Bub's Beer'. My sister Brenda, a lover of antique and curio shops, had found it and sent it to me on what would have been our dad's birthday. I hung it over our bargain beer selection, and called it 'Bub's Beer Corner'.


There is little in life which can't be addressed with a Dr. Seuss book. Whether it's Horton standing up for his Who-friends, the Grinch's small heart growing three sizes, or David Donald Doo dreaming of donuts and duck-dogs, Dr Seuss had a prescription for every situation. My own particular favorite is the story of the Zax.*

Mountain High
White Mountains

Where I grew up, in the Dakotas, the sky is big. Immense, even. It goes on for days in every possible direction. So when I moved to New England, the trees-which are everywhere, and pretty much blot out the sky-really freaked me out. I felt incredibly closed in and had to seek out places where I could see the sky.


I am very efficient at mailing packages. I know exactly what fits into one of those pre-paid Priority Mail boxes. I keep packing tape in the car. I know to send perishables on a Monday -not later in the week- so they won't sit over the weekend. Usually, my package is 'liquid, fragile, perishable, NOT hazardous'. You guessed it-I have a college student, and I send her care packages.

Old Friends & New
Make New Friends..

As a small business owner, I spend the majority of my time right here at 14 Grove Street, either figuratively (writing emails and social media posts, communicating with suppliers) or literally (moving around cases and talking to our fab customers). But when I'm not at Pour Richard's, you can often find me in Providence.

That's right: I live in Medway, work in Franklin, but like to spend my fairly brief leisure hours in a different state. Why? Simple- old favorites.

Grape Farmers & a Winery Dog
Alexander Valley Vineyards

Experience Alexander Valley Vineyards
Thursday, September 20 6:30-8 PM

Last April, over five gloriously overstuffed days, John and I managed to meet our daughter for sightseeing in San Francisco and then head north for some winery visits in Sonoma and Mendocino.

One of the most charming visits was at Alexander Valley Vineyards, with warm hospitality, a beautiful setting, and delicious wines at extremely affordable prices. And there was also a dog....