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Q: What do you get when an accountant marries a salesman and they have two children who grow up to be 1) a geologist and 2) a botanist?
A: Barlow Vineyards!

This tiny Napa Valley property came about when salesperson Barr and his accountant/financial manager wife Ann decided to buy a vineyard in Calistoga. They made some wine, intended just for family, but their winemaker suggested they try to sell it. To their surprise, it was a BIG hit. Moving forward a few years, children Zach and Alyssa join the team, and a cult Napa Cabernet was born.

BAAZ (for Barr, Ann, Alyssa, and Zach) is a project aiming to make classic Napa Valley wines at a more affordable price. And even at its original retail, BAAZ delivers. Predominantly Cabernet, but with a little Petit Verdot for structure and Cab Franc for aroma, it's overflowing with big, plush black cherry, blackberry, and cassis fruit. Accents of dark chocolate, licorice, and vanilla. Sweet and toasty French oak. Smooth, velvety tannins.

Mmm....the only flaw is the limited supply.

Online special available for pickup in-store after noon today. Special available until Sunday, June 24, or until we run out of wine. To purchase, just click on the Specials tab, above.

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Notes From All Over

Humor & Hubris
Sorry My Apologies Are Sarcastic

The New Yorker's Shouts & Murmurs* column is one of my favorite distractions. Because for me, funny + well written = weekly appointment humor. But this week's version, titled 'We're Sorry', really knocked it out of the ballpark.

'Is it enough to say we're sorry? We don't think so. Because we want to make things right. And that starts with admitting to what we did-owning it-even if it wasn't entirely our fault, because nothing really happened.' And so on, referencing everyone from 'victims' of the #MeToo movement to Facebook, Wells Fargo, and Amazon's Alexa.

Do You Know (Where Your Drink Comes From)?
Flag Hill Chalk Board

At Pour Richard's, we love local. Our 'house' rum is Privateer, from Massachusetts. We are also proud to carry spirits from Mad River, in Vermont's Mad River Valley, Medfield's Astraluna Distillery, Berkshire Mountain Distillery, and many others.

Why?The better question is 'Why NOT?'. Because local companies employ local residents. More of the revenue stays in the immediate area. Money you were going to spend anyway also benefits your town and region.


Up until just a few years ago, I never envisioned I'd be selling wine in cans. Because honestly, who thought that would become a big trend?

We're not averse to alternative packaging; in fact, we're huge fans of good quality boxed wine. Cost-effective, environmentally friendly, AND it keeps the wine fresh for weeks? Sign us up!

The problem is that 'good quality' bit. Because for every excellent boxed wine that we're happy to carry, there are 30 more that are just horrible. I think I have tasted them all at this point. And that goes double for cans.