This Week's Mad, Mad Monday Deal

We LOVE our Portuguese wines at Pour Richard's. It works like this: pick any type of quality Portuguese producer. Open the bottle, taste it, and guess at the cost. Nope. It's probably about a third of that. And that's BEFORE we start working on discounts!

So while we think the Mundus is awesome at $12, $8 is...what? Just plain crazy! This was easily the fave 'porch wine' of last spring and summer, so we're pretty excited to have it back in stock.

This is EXACTLY what you want to drink on a hot summer night: a light, floral, delicately fruity white wine bursting with honeysuckle and tropical fruit and complimented by zesty acidity and the faintest hint of a bubble. And at 9.5% ABV, you can have a couple glasses without keeling over.

This is the opposite of a big, serious wine. Instead, it's sprightly, lithe, insanely cheap, and downright delicious. Stock up. Running out is not an option.

Online special available for pickup in-store after noon today. Special available until Sunday, July 29, or until we run out of wine. To purchase, just click on the Specials tab, above.

The Almanac

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Notes From All Over

Join the Club!
Join the Club

Groucho Marx famously said that he wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have him as a member. No offense, Groucho, but we disagree. In fact, we disagree so strongly that we're adding two brand-new Beer Clubs to our Pour Richard's Wine Club*.

We're offering two different options: MixSix and IPA-only MixSix. Either way, you'll pick up six delicious beers on the 15th of every month, but the regular MixSix will incorporate a range of styles while the IPA MixSix is tailor-made for the hopheads in your life.

No Farms, No Food
No Farms, No Food

A visit to the Farmer's Market in high summer is an exercise in flat-out hedonism. Mmm... fresh basil, that's smells amazing! The local tomatoes are starting to come in-I need some of those. Corn. I definitely need corn. Peaches! Do I have time to make peach cobbler? Or I could just bite into one right now....Blueberries! Can't forget those. Cucumbers. Snap peas. Fresh salad greens. Local cheese. I really should have brought more shopping bags.

The Outer Edge
Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

Every week, we order beer, put away beer, talk about beer, and sell beer, thus giving us a pretty decent overview of what's happening in the world of beer. Lots of what's happening is absolutely awesome: flavorful, bold, anything-but-boring brew. Some other things are just...weird.