This Week's Monday Magic

Touriga Nacional is one of my 'grape crushes'. I collect it, seek it out.....definitely drink it. Because: Port. Big Douro reds. One of our fave bottles of rosé bubbly. A delicious South African red blend. And now this lovely satin-smooth Dão red, perfect for chilly autumn evenings.

The Douro and the Dão both claim Touriga Nacional as their own. And the grape excels in both regions, in very different ways. In the Douro, it's round and juicy, but in the Dão, high altitude, cooler temperatures, and granite soils yield reds that are graceful, feminine, and beautifully scented.

At Quinta da Falorca, the vineyards are planted to 30 different clones of Touriga Nacional. The average vine age is 80 years. The name,T-Nac, is too cute by half. But the wine? Deep crimson color, with a voluptuous nose and deep red cherry fruit. Rose petals. Fresh tobacco. Licorice. Plum jam. Mint. Cinnamon. Beautifully mature, silky tannins. Mmmm.

Frost? Bring it on. I've got my T-Nac.

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The Almanac

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Notes From All Over

Bub & the Bubble
Bub's Beer

One summer day several years ago, I found a package on my steps. Inside was a large antique beer bottle, handsomely framed. From the Peter Bub Brewing Company in Winona, Minnesota, this particular bottle was called 'Bub's Beer'. My sister Brenda, a lover of antique and curio shops, had found it and sent it to me on what would have been our dad's birthday. I hung it over our bargain beer selection, and called it 'Bub's Beer Corner'.


There is little in life which can't be addressed with a Dr. Seuss book. Whether it's Horton standing up for his Who-friends, the Grinch's small heart growing three sizes, or David Donald Doo dreaming of donuts and duck-dogs, Dr Seuss had a prescription for every situation. My own particular favorite is the story of the Zax.*

Mountain High
White Mountains

Where I grew up, in the Dakotas, the sky is big. Immense, even. It goes on for days in every possible direction. So when I moved to New England, the trees-which are everywhere, and pretty much blot out the sky-really freaked me out. I felt incredibly closed in and had to seek out places where I could see the sky.