Holiday Concierge Service

Stressed about the holidays? Let us help. Fill out the questions below, and we'll take care of all those pesky decisions. You pick up your delicious beverages at your leisure and spend your valuable time on the 3 F's:family, friends, and food.

Talking Turkey Day-Your Holiday Concierge
Phone or Email Contact:
What are you serving? Do you have any unusual starters or sides that might be challenging matches for wine?
On a scale of 1-10, how adventurous are your guests about food and drink if 1 is Velveeta on Ritz Crackers and White Zinfandel and 10 is ‘surprise me’?
How many people are you entertaining? How many of those people drink alcohol?
Are you serving a pre-dinner cocktail? (If so, do you want suggestions?)
Do you want a bubbly wine to start the meal?
How many bottles of wine total do you think you need?
Do you need other supplies? (Beer, Bloody Mary Mix, Vodka, Vermouth, etc, etc)
What’s your budget for Thanksgiving drinkables?
When would you like to pick up your order?

Please send completed sheet to: or drop off at the store.

This Week's Magic Monday Deal

The 2012 Spaceman Red 'One Time Spaceman' from Paso Robles was a BIG hit at our last Pennywise. I'm not surprised. Apparently, our customers love a killer bargain. One Time Spaceman is the same juice, from the same vineyard site, which won Wine Spectator's Wine of the Year in 2010. The 2012 from that producer (Saxum Vineyards) was rated an almost-ridiculous 97 points. It also sold for $97.

When a winery doesn't move an entire vintage under its own name, there a few time-honored strategies to sell that extra juice. One of these is to sell it off to what the French would call a 'negociant'. Negociants don't usually make wine, per se. They find, finish, and bottle wine. A talented negoce is a great place to look for bargains. Spaceman, named for former Sox player Bill Lee, is an interesting little negociant. Good wine, funny name. Spaceman is Saxum juice, sold off in bulk. A sexy, plush Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre blend, Spaceman jumps right out of your glass. Spice, ripe berry fruit, sweet vanilla's all there. I'm not sure I'd pay $97 for it, but Spaceman's original $40 seems pretty fair for this quality. $20? That works.

Just click on the Specials tab, above, to find your savings. Special is online only, for in-store pickup at your convenience.

The Almanac

12/07/2014 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Notes From All Over



The coming of a New Year is always a good time to sit back and reflect on the months just passed. What was good? What was REALLY good? Typically, this results in a list, and we won't buck that trend. We will, however, ask for your input.

One of best parts of my job is finding incredibly tasty new discoveries to share with you. There were a LOT this year. I could easily list a hundred or so. But after extensive editing, and in no particular order, my Top Ten for 2013:

10. Pedroncelli Cabernet.
How can $12 taste this good?


Slog through 4 different malls to find the exact combination of color and size that your teenager requested. Bake cookies. Clean the house. Wrap the presents. Replace the lights that worked last year, but don't now. Pick Grandma up from the airport-in a huge traffic jam. Re-clean the house. Run out to buy gifts for 2 people who unexpectedly gave you gifts. Get a hostess gift for the neighborhood gathering. Drop off your Toys for Tots and Food Pantry donations. Deliver all the teacher gifts. Hit the grocery store for your holiday meal.

If Bottles Could Talk...
If Bottles Could Talk...

Seriously, what if the bottles could tell you about their contents? It would be a wild cacophony of languages and dialects. (And since we have so many French and Italians, they'd all be talking at once...!)
But personally, I'd like to hear the Armagnac section. "Psst, you there.....yes, you, ze wine lou-vair, do you want to try something amazing, something incroyable? I am ze best-kept secret in the world of spirits! "